The Music of
Thomas E. Peterson
The Story Behind a Song

        The Song, "Come Riding Up the Trail," is a fictional history like tale. The story took place several centuries back in a location similar to the U.S. Great Plains, a flat expanse stretching for miles in every direction, where a trail points a walkers way, looking toward a horizon. A rider is seen coming up the trail. The rider's mount is heard as illusion initially as the music begins. The rider and mount continue eventually reaching an intersection, where the meeting occurs. The story is then told, it is brief. The rider has been riding for weeks heading homeward, days of riding and nights of waiting. The search for home is a long way off in the illusionary beyond of a trail. This trail where these two meet, where they both continue each on their own separate way, and the rider rides on, rides on toward the endless horizon. The introduction and ending of this song are meant to represent the rider coming and then going. A careful listener can notice a representation of the Doppler effect.

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