The Music of
Thomas E. Peterson
The Story Behind a Song

        The Song, "If Dreams Come True," is largely a personally oriented song covering past events and wishful thinking. It describes a reflective view of the past (written into the history page, section: "U.S. Marine Corps"). The lyric is a reflection of those days. They were days spent playing music and planning to establish an enduring musical relationship, as a band. For a listener to understand its words, the lyrical expression is in need of some definition. Back then, two of my comrades and myself had agreed that after the three of us had fulfilled our military contracts, we would rejoin and form this band. The band's name was to be "Boanerges," a biblical term, meaning "The Sons of Thunder," (Mark 3:17). The lyric opens, "Hangers and airplanes, made our lives." It identifies that we worked on jet aircraft, inside large buildings known as aircraft hangers. This is because, during that time period, our work was centered in supporting U.S. Marine Corps aircraft. That lyric is immediately followed by,"Tools and Miniature Components," referring to the fact, that at one time, two of us worked in the tools dispensary, while another, worked in a section known as Miniature Components. This lyrical phrase closes with, "Together we made those big jets roar, back when Boanerges was a dream." The lyric then turns toward the plan we had of playing music together as "Boanerges." We had big dreams in our years there together, playing and creating music, while creating a mutual plan. The plan brought us hope of a good future together, doing what we seemingly loved, playing music, writing songs, and living that life. The song wraps by speaking to the occupations that the three of us eventually took on in civilian life, a fence builder, an electrician and a fisheries biologist. "Another song to sing, another fence to do. Another circuit burning, bring it back to you. Still the fish are swimming, in the water blue."
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