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Thomas E. Peterson
The Story Behind a Song

        The Song, Why Do I Listen to the Wind?         Written: March 22, 2012

Having endured more than a year of political bull on the media, and with yet another seven months plus to go, these lyrics and its song came to be. All the stories told by the politicians amount to nothing more than wind. Wind comes and goes with none of it staying, and this is what I thought of while this song was forming. I really don't think I wrote it, its like so many other sets of lyric, they just come along, allowing a place where I can write them down. So I did, sitting here where I sit this moment.

Now, again as I write this, March 26, 2016, a very similar situation exists. Another year of politicized hot air, with another seven months to come, there exists a sooooo similar condition. They paint up their stories, "... in a rosy kind of way, but when the winter comes along all the flowers have blown away." I find no sense in pointing any fingers at individuals, parties, or otherwise, because the two are equal, similarly alike. It is disgusting.

Today I find a different wrong in this situation which confounds any sense of correctness. The point being, this same media which has been controlling information in the United States of America, is sucking in billions of dollars in profit, paid by, you guessed it, Every Donation Made To A Political Party. So "We the people," are paying the media, while in turn, the media is censoring what they determine to be news, while selecting what and who is news worthy. As a result of, our national election, the general public are screwing themselves. Informational suppression abounds.

So why do we listen to their wind? When the winter comes along all their words will have blown away.

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