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New and News
This Update: November 26, 2017 PM (US) Pacific Time.

October 13, 2017. Over recent months I've been attempting to correct some of the previous recordings that have been loaded on the site. I've potentially completed a complete do over of River Song, which has now replaced the older version.

July 15, 2017. I have finally completed a new version of Come Riding Up the Trail with Bill Thompson, playing the banjo. This version of the song also has newly recorded vocals and drum tracks.

July 15, 2017. I have been working on this recording off and on for a couple of years now and finally reached a level of satisfaction. Gone Crazy. This song shows a very differing style from those previously posted. It is blues, utilizing electric guitar beside an acoustic 12 string rhythm track, along with drums, bass and vocalized lyric.

May 11, 2017, I completed the recording (supposedly) to the new song "(Ben Bullington)The Friend I Knew But Never Had ", over a month ago. I am just now going through the process of adding it to the site. This song has a story that shall one day be available as a Song Story. This song is about songs and songwriters, having the power to touch people on various levels.

February 4, 2017, Another day and another song is ready for publishing here. This song is quite different in its style, leaning toward the "oh, wow is me love sick puppy" type, "so I will get drunk and hope for satisfaction." Its music is inching toward country in its presentation, which I find fitting for this song. The guitar in this piece is that 1962 Gibson J-45, that I appreciate more with each time I play, or so it seems. This song was written May 7, 2015. I hope you enjoy it. "In This World So Blue".

January 6, 2017, Last night I finalized the latest recording to reach its completion. I wrote and composed this one, March 9, 1976. I had not played this song for many years prior to undertaking this recording session. In this process I came up with the background guitar and lead guitar work. You can listen to it with the click of your mouse, "Blind Man, Sad Man".

November 6, 2016, I've made a redo on the song "Nowhere Fast" today, re-recording the vocal tracks, changed the drum track, and remixed it. It could be better, yet that is opinion, my own after working with it for many hours. In those instances, I become too close to the thing to really make a valid observation of what I hear.

November 6, 2016 I completed a recording of the song "Time For Change." This is a song I wrote August 12, 1998.

September 17, 2016, Another song story was added today. This song story is for the song Nowhere Fast.

August 28, 2016 Today I added another recording to the collection here. "Nowhere Fast" (this version was replaced, reference stated above), I wrote January 6, 2013, either by coincidence or through some conjuring of the Universe to make it so, five days prior to the death of Aaron Schwartz. This song's subject is about the type of governmental behavior which led to Aaron to choose death, ".. [T]he creeps who seek to stomp out the nerd," along with the rest of out surveillance state apparatus. It is very striking to me how such a coincidence can come to pass in my life and in the lives of others.

July 31, 2016 The addition of another Song Story was written and added today. This is about how this song was written quite by accident, this happens at times when the muse shines bright. This Song Story is for the song, River Song.

July 29, 2016 I made a new instrument wheel photo as seen at the bottom of these pages.
Current News
Archived News

March 6, 2017: On March 1st, I wrote what is likely the best song in my history. At this point in time, the thought of "best," may be incorrect, yet in the moment I believe this to be a truth. On many occasions since completing the write, while practicing to learn this new tune, when the last note is struck, while that last chord sustains to its natural duration, the unusual thought, "Wow that is good," comes into my mind. This song came to me based in a personal experience that allows several circumstances to coalesce. A couple of days hence, I wrote about the writing experience in my blog about songs and songwriting experiences, The description presented, both identifies, and speaks to the circumstances that allowed this song to form. In the least, it is interesting to me, how the circumstances of two different days, can join as a motivating force that allowed for the creation of this song or any song for that matter.

November 6, 2016, after working on the recordings I have posted this evening, I reviewed some of the recordings I have previously posted while learning how to use the drumming software, to my dismay. I now realize that some of those additions are really bad. I will be setting out to correct these things in the coming days, weeks and months.

August 8, 2016, It has been a musically productive week here. I was able to find the incentive, motivated by what I would call, "the universe", allowing me to write and compose two new songs. I have not written a lyrically centered song in more than a year. Sometimes the muse remains in other locations, beyond my reach. I have posted summaries of these two song writing events to my blog. The first is, and the second is,

July 4, 2016, I added another guitar to the collection of fully functional guitars. This is a 1962 Gibson J-45 ADJ with a sunburst finish. It was given to me as a broken/destroyed guitar. The neck had been broken at its attachment to the body, splitting the top on both sides of the neck. I simply thought that it could potentially be salvaged when it was shown to me. I took it to my preferred local Luthier who, for a very just fee, made it whole again. It is a very fine sounding instrument, having great playability, not the prettiest of guitars, showing obvious signs of abuse, beyond what I've stated here including exposure to water at some point in its history. I feel so lucky!

On Friday, June 3 2016 - Another bomb train impacts part of our world. The importance of the Colombia River as a fishery, as a location for recreation and as a location for human living, farming, and more are threatened by the derailment of another "Bomb Train." As the lyric to my song states, "Another bomb train rolls along its weight comes crushing down, unlike the one that just came by this one will blow downtown." As this train did in Mosier Oregon a small town on located along the bank of the Colombia River. The Bakken crude has entered the Colombia River, although news accounts state in small amounts, there is no verifiable way to from confirm or quantify this preventable tragic event. The damage is done, yet the threat of further incidence remains and shall remain until the practice of hauling oil on rail stops forever.

The new thing at present, is learning to use and compose computer generated drumming, since there are no known real drummers that will record or play music with me at present. It has been a steep learning curve, but I have reached high enough now to achieve some desired results. The actual thought of using this software for recording was a process in itself to overcome, because I have been resistant and hopeful that the real thing would be accessed before now. Wrong thought! I finished my first recording that incorporates this methodology today and have presented it below. There should be more of this coming soon. I intend to backtrack a bit, inserting percussion in songs already available.

I have added some information to the streaming/download MP3 page, that tells the date or the period when the song displayed was written.

The musical focus remains in recording these songs I have written through my life time. It is quite a journey of learning the modern recording processes and in presentation in the recorded medium. The discovery of the differences between performing as a solo artist, and recording the same material is strikingly different. There is a huge potential in recordings that an individual can not achieve outside the studio and finding the aliveness of the music in the studio is seemingly difficult to achieve, at least when the individual is doing every aspect of the process. I am finding success through struggling in the process. The goal remains the same. I wish to capture this music and present it to anyone who wants to hear it, if they are able to find this website that is. That part of it, the actual ability to share this, remains beyond my ability.